Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Co-Conspirators

The first of the out-of-town guests have trickled into town. So now I have accomplices in the planning. Ken and J arrived yesterday from Dallas. Mike was told that they are in town for business (plausible, since Ken makes it into town every couple of months on business), so now it is up to the 3 of us not to blow their cover. I'm trying to figure out whether we are now more or less likely to spill than I was when I was in this on my own. Clearly the attempts to keep the story straight could be hampered by several evenings of boozing it up. I think we made the story a bit too complex, but no fixing that at this point.

I'm really happy to have them in town though, I must say. Ken is one of Mike's best friends. He runs a post house in Dallas, so he comes into town for commercial finishing with one of his editors fairly often. J (aka Jeff, aka Hot Jeff) is a close friend of mine. He also happens to work for Ken. Actually J and I are responsible for Mike and Ken meeting up, so we get to take credit for their friendship now, or whatever.

This is J's first trip to LA to see us (he was here before at some point, but that was a long time ago) and I got to take him out to boy's town last night. The Abbey was the destination and it did not disappoint. Of course it helped that it was unseasonably warm yesterday, so even at night the temperature was in the upper 60's. J is a person who constantly makes me laugh. We have a great time being silly together. I don't have that connection with very many people, so I treasure it with people like J. We made it through a good portion of our highlight reel - the stories we have to tell every time we get together - last night, including:
  • the time we pretended that we were a pairs professional figure skating duo (career cut short due to injury) and even made up a routine to perform in a bar in Oak Lawn - we had some stupid drunk person convinced until we started our "performance"
  • the time we went on vacation together to Mexico and had a day or two out of the week that are too fuzzy to recall (though the photos turned out great)
  • the time we were in New York and I was totally nauseous from some combination of hangover and pain pills and I ended up throwing up on Broadway into a trashcan in Chinatown/Little Italy while Mike stood by and watched, while chowing on a slice of pizza
  • too many nights up late playing X Box games in J's apartment when we lived in the same building and Mike's contention that we all had too much practice for him to be able to compete

Good friends are so precious and hard to come by. I am lucky to have J in my life and I'm so happy he's in California this week. I'm sure I'll tell him all of this at some point later tonight after one- or two-too-many cocktails. We have a highlight reel to add to here...


t.s. said...

What's a post house?

Leila said...

I should have called it a post- house, if that helps. It is a post-production house - they do audio and video editting. Mainly for commercials, at Ken's place. Avid, Pro Tools, etc.