Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Maybe We Can Work Things Out?

Oh dear. Mario just called me. Mario is Mehren's boss at my old haunt, The Parking Spot (Sepulveda). Mario has informed me that they will pay for the lost access card and refund my money for the not-so-successful car wash. Is it wrong of me to want to give them one more chance? Have I mentioned the part about how convenient the location is or how much I enjoy the valet service and the free water??

Will you respect me a little less if I go back to them?


Rob said...

Well, it depends. Are you going back because you are a pushover, or because you are lazy. I'm down with the second one.

Leila said...

Mike and I have agreed that it would be Not Right for us to go back there. We have a couple of other parking garages to try out now. I can break this cycle.

Fringe said...

Would you try the other Parking Spot? Century or whatever? I don't remember which one I valet parked at specifically because I wanted to get my car washed, but my car did NOT get washed and was NOT ready for me when I arrived from my flight and therefore I was NOT happy at all. I had to wait like 20 min for the car, and I was exhausted.

Now I take a cab from my house to the airport and back. Which probably makes me a spendthrift.