Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Things I Would Rather Be Doing

I am the only person on my entire hall at work this morning. I have two deals that are still paying lip service to closing this year. It is hard to imagine anything more enjoyable than sitting at work by myself the morning after Christmas. Oh, wait, no it isn't:
  • Watching the cat sleep. He does it so well. It is practically an art form.
  • Practicing my swing with my new driver. I've already hit it off the ground once now (twice if you count my monster drive in Hawaii this fall with a rental set).
  • Watching the mish mosh of paint dry at my apartment building. They are painting the halls and there is no rhyme or reason as to the color selections. Other than the fact that they have all the colors in their store room (we have a couple of them in our apartment because they offer a free wall per room painted other than white). Our building is spanish orange. They've been painting formerly white walls (and tan doors) various colors of beige, light green and olive green. And they just added brown and orange carpet. It is confusing. I wonder if they have a plan?
  • Playing internet poker. I've been busted out with pocket kings three tourneys in a row now. The first two times, it was KK vs. AA, so pretty understandable that I would be history, but yesterday pocket fives all in pre-flop busted my kings. Not cool.
  • Eating my way through the abundant groceries we bought over the weekend. Don't shop hungry.
  • Watching the latest crop of game shows (Deal Or No Deal, 1 vs. 100, Identity) repeatedly to determine exactly how much of each show is scripted. And to figure out where they find those contestants. It must be like the selection process for The Price Is Right on steroids. Do they pre-screen them for jumping and screaming abilities? I really think there is a master's thesis hidden in there somewhere.

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