Thursday, February 08, 2007

But Seriously

I feel like my posts (is that the right term? no - it's "blogs" isn't it?) of late have been a bit serious and depressing. I didn't really start this up to post a bunch of serious and depressing stuff, so in an attempt to include a bit of levity, here is the recipe for LeilaColadas, the Vegas birthday drink that Alice, LJ and I concocted this past weekend:


2 parts Hypnotique
2 parts Malibu Rum
splash of pineapple juice

(mix in a martini shaker for a straight up LeilaColada or pour over ice)

Ideally, your LeilaColadas should be a light seafoam green. If they are a darker, yellowy green, you've added too much pineapple juice. Or your asshole, not-very-nice Vegas bartender has.


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