Monday, March 19, 2007

It's A Good Thing IU Never Got Around To Personifying A "Hoosier"

In honor of March Madness, one industrious blogger came up with a list (and corresponding pictures with captions) of the 25 worst division 1 mascots.

I was glad to see that the Buckeye made the list because he has been a subject of frequent discussion in my household. Mainly we wonder how he manages to remain vertical with that giant head on top of that tiny body ("it's like sputnick!" "an orange on top of a toothpick!" go cry yourself to sleep on your giant pillah!" - well, you get the drift). Mike never hesitates to point out that the buckeye is the absolute bottom of the Big Ten food chain (even below the pathetic Gopher!). Badgers like to discuss the food chain, it turns out. Sometimes it even degenerates from there into a lecture about the many ways that a badger could end up beating a wolverine in a fight. I remain unsure whether the badger or the wolverine would ultimately prevail, but they both are pretty tough characters.

I also agree that all the random human mascots totally suck (John Harvard was my favorite from the link - what an awful mascot!). Though the boilermaker that we typically see at the Big Ten tourney is more cartoon character (giant head!) than that one the blogger included in her list.

Finally I will note that my undergraduate school was also the Yellowjackets (like Georgia Tech), however, instead of being a mean-looking bee with a stinger, we had a happy waving bee that just wants to be your friend and perhaps teach you the alphabet. Like the bee on the Simpsons, but not drunk or speaking Spanish.

(thanks to 'stina for the link!)

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