Thursday, April 19, 2007

One Nation Controlled by the Media.

I'm angry. Really angry. So angry that I am not sure whether I should blog about this right now or wait until I cool down some. It is unbelievable to me that the mainstream media in this country has a non-stop loop of a psychopathic killer's "manifesto" and pictures and writings polluting the airwaves. What have we come to? Seriously.

Who will have the courage and the position to stop this madness? If the news networks and websites completely lack the ability to self-edit and the introspection to understand why their coverage of the Virginia Tech murders is fundamentally flawed, how will we ever stop the race to the bottom that our media has become?

It is not okay to publish the works of a psychopath who ruthlessly killed dozens of people. It is not "news" it is evidence, to be used by the people investigating this heinous crime.

It is not okay to plaster photos of him holding guns, photos that he sent to you because he wanted them widely disseminated, at the top of your webpages, followed by links to his videos and stories about his life, all the while asking for stories about the victims so you can run them in a single link that friends and family members would have to click through from the equivalent of the Murderer's Home Page.

Why would you be so crass as to think that anyone who knew the victims would be able to tolerate wading through the front page dominated by pictures and stories about that asshole to get to the tribute page that you have set up? Are you really this clueless or do you just not care?

So, yes,,, cbs, nbc, abc, cnn, msnbc, we are on a break. Don't contact me and I won't contact you. You make me sick.

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bold said...

Then this will give you some comfort: "Editor’s Note: This is one of the final articles will publish in regards to Cho Seung-Hui. He has dishonored the special community that is Virginia Tech. After Wednesday, April 18, 2007, his name will not be mentioned again by this student media organization."