Monday, May 14, 2007

Come Aboard, We're Expecting You

I'm throwing a party with my friends in Dallas. When I lived there, we used to have random costume parties at least once a year and they were always a blast, so on my last trip back we sketched out the idea for a 1970's tv show themed party. We've set the date and Mike and I just bought our tickets to Dallas, so it seems to be a go. Now I need to start thinking about a costume. My front-runners so far:
  • Vera or Flo from Alice
  • Laverne
  • Julie McCoy from The Love Boat (complete with little mirror and fake coke lines)

I'm disappointed to learn that The Jetsons was a 1960's tv show because I totally could have rocked either Jane or Judy Jetson. Anyone want to contribute other ideas? A lot of the shows would require group costumes, and my best bet for that is me and one of my gay friends in Dallas (we both lament the fact we've never won a Best Costume prize, so we might pair up). Not exactly helpful for Charlie's Angels or Three's Company. Help a girl out...


'stina said...

Is Dallas too obvious?

'stina said...

Oh wait. How about a Bionic Woman / Six Million Dollar Man duo?

Or if he's willing to do drag, Wonder Woman / Diana Prince?

Scott said...

Josie and the Pussycats?

Leila said...

Is Dallas 1970's or 1980's? I thought about Bionic Woman (and I LOVED that show) but I'm not sure her look is distinctive enough for people to know who I'm trying to be. I'm considering Josie for sure. Just wondering whether the animated series genre is going to be looked down upon.

Yes, I'm worrying way too much about this whole thing. Have I not mentioned before that I'm neurotic?

'stina said...

Believe me, I understand costume pressure. I generally have about six or seven costumed events a year, and I angst about my attire at every one. I need to find less creative friends.

Melody said...

I have two suggestions Leila

(1) Sonny and Cher

(2) Scooby Doo