Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Come Play My Game*

I'm practically a walking billboard for Curbed LA these days, but I can't resist posting this link regarding the partial reopening of Griffith Park, post-fire. Now I'm picturing a bunch of goth kids wandering the merry-go-round, singing Prodigy. Sort of like the jets in West Side Story, but totally not.

*True confessions time: I'm not really sure whether this line is the background vocal in Firestarter or not, but when I'm singing along in my car, it is what I say. Then I say something like "psycho-somatic attic insane!" as the next background lyric, which I'm relatively certain is not correct. In case you are wondering, the lyrics websites seem to avoid this issue altogether by refusing to print the background vocals.

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Scintilla said...

Well, "Come play my game" (each syllable long and drawn out) and "Psychosomatic addict insane" are both lines from Prodigy's "Breathe", so it's very possible. Sampled, perhaps.