Thursday, June 07, 2007

Even Hippies Have to Follow Zoning Rules

Last year when Mike and I were considering a move to Venice Beach (my hippie homeland), we took a look at a really unusual new building that was built with concrete floors, steel frame and fiberglass (I think) windows/walls. It was pretty cool and the guy who built it was a bit of a trip. It had 4 or 6 units and it was set up as sort of an open environment, where the occupants left the middle doors open and let their cats (I don't recall any dogs) and each other roam from unit to unit.

It wasn't us (as much as I'd like to think it was us), especially with Mike's music mixing hobby and our anti-social cat (and both of our concerns about living in a place with walls that thin/not soundproof). But we had a fun afternoon scoping the place out, talking to the man behind the plan and talking about what if it were us.

Anyway, I'm sad to hear that our hippie friend didn't exactly follow the rules and now he's in some hot water. Total bummer, dude.

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