Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I'm head of the class

I'm popular

I'm a quarter back

I'm popular

My mom says I'm a catch

I'm popular

I'm never last picked

I got a cheerleader chick

--Nada Surf

I have the Review of the Day (ROTD) on Los Angeles Yelp today. ROTD days are always good days because I wake up to bunches of compliments from my fellow Yelpers. It makes me feel so... so... appreciated. So I knew I had the ROTD before I ever signed on to Yelp from just perusing the e-mails in my gmail inbox. Thank you, House of Blues Gospel Brunch!

Here's the text of my review: (or you can find it at

HOUSE OF BLUES (Sunset Strip)

Two words: Gospel Brunch.

The boyfriend and I went to gospel brunch this fine Easter morn. I feel like I should be able to recite all the food we ate, but seriously, there were more calories consumed in a one hour period than anyone should ever actually admit to. So I'll just give you the highlights:

Cheddar cheese grits - 5 stars (more if more were available) - I LUV me some grits!

Mac and Cheese - 3 stars (could have been cheesier)

Sausage - 5 stars (excellent flavor and texture; and I'm not even a huge sausage person!)

Biscuits N Gravy - 4 stars (BF loved the gravy, but I didn't actually try it, so second hand, but the biscuits were great!)

Southern Fried Chicken - 5 stars (no description required)

Jambalaya - 4 stars (chicken chunks a bit dry, otherwise quite tasty)

Waffles with fresh berries - 5 stars (!!!)

Heirloom Tomato Salad - 3 stars (good, not excellent, but then again, it is so not tomato season; I defer)

Banana Bread Pudding - 5+ stars (you are freaking kidding me! I would weigh 300 pounds if I had unlimited access to this dessert!!)

Gospel singers - 5 stars

HOB is generally a fun venue. I've seen some really fun, mainly 80's shows here. But the gospel brunch on Sunday takes it from fun 4 star venue up to 5 star extravaganza!!

***Gratuitous star sighting note: I saw Ducky. Yes, you heard me right, Ducky, from Pretty in Pink, at an ABC/Soft Cell concert here last year. Ducky at an 80's band show. Really. Top that.***


t.s. said...

Did you actually walk out of the restaurant?

Fringe said...

I think you should go back for a follow-up visit. You know, to check the quality. And you will DEFINITELY need someone to give a second opinion on the gravy that goes with the biscuits . . .