Sunday, July 08, 2007


Nick Hornby is one of my favorite authors. I'll buy pretty much anything of his that is published. Because he has rabid fans such as myself, he could publish a book full of his old grocery lists, and some of us would run out to try to find his favorite brand of peanut butter. Life is pretty good for Nick Hornby.

I'm reading Songbook right now. It is a collection of short essays written about songs that are important to him. This is a writing project that I can get behind. Music forms who we are and every person is coming from a different place when she thinks and talks about the music that she cares about. I'll likely never have the creative chops to write a novel during
nanowrimo, but I should be able to write a few hundred words about the songs that make me ME.

So stay tuned. Maybe I'll tell you someday about how Fall On Me by REM changed my life or why Two Suns In The Sunset (Pink Floyd) and Our Time Is Running Out (Muse) both often reduce me to tears (kind of embarrassing to listen to in the car). I'm sure you wouldn't pay to buy it, but lucky for you I give this stuff away for free.

What songs would you like to tell the world about?

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Boldn'Brazen said...

I love this idea.

I think I'd write about For You and Thundercrack by Bruce, Fast Car by Tracy Chapman, Rockville by REM, Pour Some Sugar on Me by Poison, I'm No Angel by Gregg Allman, Tangled Up In Blue by Dylan.

I think there's got to be more. But that's what happens when you're locked in a vacancy. (With apologies to The Breakfast Club. The movie, not the band.)