Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Weekend of Too Many Plans

Have you ever felt like every cool upcoming event in your life is trying to happen at the same time? September 14-16 is that time for me this year. For some reason, that is THE WEEKEND to do pretty much everything.

It started with the Giants-Packers game. You know I'm a bit of an NFL freak by now, I hope. My favorite team (Giants) plays Mike's favorite team (Packers) about once every three years and the last time they did so, we flew to Green Bay to see the game (I had a great time; the Giants won). When we saw the football schedule this year, we noticed the Big Game would be occurring at Giants Stadium this year on September 16. Immediately we started talking about a trip to New York.

Then we found out that the ACL music festival is in Austin that weekend. I love that festival and the line-up looks awesome, but we had to brush it off. Giants-Packers weekend!


I have a good friend in Minneapolis who I've never visited and when I sent her possible dates, Giants-Packers weekend slipped my mind, so I included that weekend. She wrote back that her birthday is that weekend and it seemed like fate that I should visit then, so I booked my ticket to Minnesota. Giants-Packers weekend be damned! (I am on a bit of a "break" with the Giants this year because my Giants friends have determined that the best way to get Coughlin the hell out of town is to lose a lot of games this year. A year of hardship for the greater good, or whatever. I'm not 100% on board, but there will be many fewer planned Gaints-watching outings this year.)

As soon as I booked my trip, I started hearing about fun stuff in LA. A concert by a band that we like (and who is repped by our friend's label, so she could get us backstage, etc.). A festival we wanted to check out. A friend's birthday party. The perfect storm of cool and fun events all scheduled for that same crazy weekend. It turned into an inside joke every time someone mentioned anything about that weekend.

I'll admit that I haven't really had buyer's remorse about scheduling the trip, because I always have a great time with said Minneapolis friend and I haven't seen her for 6 months or so. But still. Why must everything be scheduled for September 14-16??

Three days ago it all turned around for me. I was on MySpace and I saw a bulletin from my favorite Dallas band - Calhoun - that they have added a tour stop in Minneapolis on the night of September 13. Not only do I love their music, but we're friends with the lead singer and Mike mixed/sound engineered their first album. And I haven't seen them play in years. (Though we saw Tim play with another band in LA a couple of months ago. Pretty good, but no Calhoun.)

So I've changed my flights and now I'm arriving in Minneapolis that Thursday. For once the convergence of every cool event in my life happening at the same exact time has paid off! Happy days.


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful when it all works out. And you do have a great writing style.

Transplanted Lawyer said...

So far so good on your plan to eliminate Coughlin!

[Packers fan pleased with how the 2nd half worked out]