Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Moving Forward

Lately I've been trying to take steps to unstick myself. The main thing that has me feeling stuck is my current career. I've blogged about it before, but I've finally realized that I need to start figuring something out sooner rather than later. So I've talked to a few people about non-legal career options, thought a lot about what sorts of job prospects give me energy and would inspire me and taken positive steps to do more things that interest me even if they aren't leading me to a new career. Necessarily.

Tonight is my second drawing class at UCLA Extension. I've never felt that I had particular artistic talent, but I have a creative drive that just has not been fulfilled and the first step to taking art classes is drawing (though I've always been more interested by painting classes). So away I go. My teacher is a pretty darned talented painter and I really appreciated something that he said last week. He said that anyone can draw if they spend enough time practicing techniques and working at it. He acknowledged that some people have more natural talent than others but he said the there are basic learned skills that are not necessarily tied into talent as much as practice. This made sense to me. I've always thought of art more as a talent than as a learned skill, which is a frustrating way to view things if you lack what you perceive as innate talent. So I'm done looking at it that way. At least for 10 weeks. I'm a smart girl - I can learn to draw!

I'll report back more on career goings-on as I continue to sort things out. I'm happy with myself for making the effort to talk and think about possible options and exit strategies. For now that is enough.


10 lbs of awesome in a 5 lb bag said...
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10 lbs of awesome in a 5 lb bag said...

Sorry - the last comment was a really poor attempt at a wisecrack. Anyway, what kind of art class is it? Painting? Drawing? Both? And is it something to get your creative juices flowing? Any clue of what you want to do, if you get out of the legal biz?

Anonymous said...

You project happier lately, if that makes sense. I'm happy for you. This is Gretchen; I can't ever remember my "sends blank emails" google login since I don't really use it anymore.

'stina said...

Yay! I've been trying to find creative outlets as much as possible, too. I love having things in my life that have absolutely nothing to do with my work life.

New Diarist said...

That's wonderful. I'm trying to do something similar with the photo gallery.

I don't think it will ever grow into a new career. I'm not sure I have the talent, I have never been good at marketing, and quite frankly, I really like what I do now and I'm very good at it.

I just feel the need to put something out there creatively and see if the world responds. Satisfy your soul. When you feel comfortable, I'd love to see you post something of your work.