Monday, October 22, 2007

my now and future home

I really enjoyed reading this love note to Los Angeles. And I completely agree.

The whole thing is ridiculous. It's the most ridiculous city in the world – but everyone who lives there knows that. No one thinks that L.A. "works," or that it's well-designed, or that it's perfectly functional, or even that it makes sense to have put it there in the first place; they just think it's interesting. And they have fun there.

Yes, Randy Newman, we love it!


Fringe said...

I liked that.

leila said...

I sent the link to Curbed LA and they liked it enough to post it on their blog:

Some of the reader comments there are pretty funny. Calling the guy suicidal and the like. Umm, either they don't get it or I don't get it.