Thursday, December 20, 2007

and then came you

I really enjoyed reading today's blog by dooce's husband* about living with someone with mental illness. It really could be about the work that goes into successful relationships generally, but obviously that work is increased when you are dealing with severe depression or other chronic mental health issues. I'm sure most people have dealt at some point with these issues, if not with a spouse or significant other, then with a family member or friend. I certainly have. And I firmly believe that medication (permanent or temporary) is the answer for some people. It has changed people that I love dearly for the better.

Maybe I'll add better communication skills to my ever-growing mental list of things to work on in the upcoming year. Oh, wait, it was already there.

*I'm sure he is much much more as a person than merely dooce's husband, so pardon my sloppy shorthand.

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