Thursday, December 13, 2007

a casual observer

Well, I lost in the first round of my fantasy league. So for the rest of the season I can watch football without worrying about how many points Earnest Graham or Randy Moss is going to pull in. And I can stop obsessing over Brandon Jacobs's injury reports. Sad but true.

I was playing against my friend Malia's team. She is the person who got me into the league and I beat her twice earlier in the season. But she has LT, and that overtime winning touchdown of his was a killer for me. I ended up with a respectable 140 points (higher than the totals for the other two teams in the playoffs who played last week), but on Monday night her final player, Marques Colston, had a career game and catapulted her over me with a final score of 150.

So now I'll just be hoping her team goes all the way. And planning for who I'm going to try to pick up next year. Fine, I'll take a week or two off first.

Next football question: Which Packers playoff game will I be dragged to in January and will I freeze to death if I'm forced to go to Lambeau Field and sit on those icy bleachers?

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Transplanted Lawyer said...

If Dallas wins its divisional playoff, there will only be one game at Lambeau Field. Keep in mind that I, for one, will be particularly jealous of you even while, sometime next weekend. you are freezing during the game. Have a good time.