Sunday, March 09, 2008

give me down-to-there hair

Mike and I have been spending a couple of hours per weekend at The Abbey since the weekend weather has been trending toward spectacular. The Abbey is originally (and still predominantly) a gay bar in West Hollywood with the best patio action in the city*.

Today I give you the list of interesting (some successful, some less so) hairstyles at The Abbey this lovely Sunday afternoon:
  • Heat Miser-Modified Pompadour -- the twenty-something boy sporting this style really worked it. He had a lot of hair to work with and his strategy was to add a lot of product into a loose pompadour, which deconstructed over the couple of hours we were there into a not-so-modified Heat Miser 'do by the end of the day. I admit that Heat Miser is one of my faves, so it totally worked for me.
  • Gremlins Mohawk -- according to Mike, the guy who had this short spiky mohawk looked a lot like the main evil Gremlin from the 1980's movie. Mike even knew that gremlin's name. I do not. I give it a Meh.
  • Updated George Harrison -- this thirty-something guy had the center part and the long feathered locks that hearkened back to Let It Be-era George Harrison. This is a look you don't see often these days and I have to admit it was cool in a very retro sort of way.
  • Cotton Candy Hair -- Recently dyed platinum blonde locks on a cute lesbian girl. Worked for her. Lots of product required to create the proper cotton candy texture.
  • Trying-Too-Hard Rocker -- If you want to do the long hair dirtbag look, I shouldn't see the recently cut in layers and you shouldn't spend so much time scanning the crowd to see if anyone notices how little you are trying. Very LA.

*I still don't understand why Dallas has better patio options than LA does, as LA weather seems to lend itself to massive amounts of time sitting on the patio much more than Dallas does, but mine is not to question why...

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