Tuesday, March 25, 2008

lists: that's so meta! edition

I'm sort of running low on ideas for new lists. I guess it is good that I've made it this far into the month without too much of a struggle, but 7 more days of lists are staring me in the face and refusing to blink. So today I decided to go to the website of a book that I ordered but didn't ever receive -- Listography: Your Life in Lists by Lisa Nola. I ordered this book as a gift for a friend at Christmas time and I went ahead and ordered a copy for myself as well. They never arrived. Apparently the first edition sold out far more quickly than the author and publisher had anticipated and it appears that they might be back in print next month (very not helpful for my NaBloPoMo endeavors).

Anyway, I perused the listography website today. Apparently they've set up a community where members can create and monitor their own lists and share their lists with friends. So I sort of wondered whether I would be able to find any good list ideas from the profiles of the existing members. The short answer is no. The longer answer is a list of the types of lists that I found at listography.com:
  • To Do lists (naturally)
  • Movies I've Seen/Movies I Want to See lists
  • Places I Want to Go lists
  • Possible Future Career lists (maybe I should mention now, although it probably would become abundantly clear soon anyway, that most/all of the profiles I saw were of high school-to-college-aged folks)
  • Crush lists
  • Classes I Want to Take lists
  • Favorite Books/Music/Artists/Videogames lists
  • Things I Hate/Things I Love lists

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