Friday, March 07, 2008

sing a song of good times, not bad

I used to see a lot more concerts than I do these days. However my "not that many concerts" probably still will sound like a lot, so I decided, based solely on the concerts that I wrote in my monthly At-A-Glance calendar that I keep on my desk at work (deemed to be 70-85% accurate), to provide an annotated list of the concerts that I saw in 2007:


none (hmm... not a good start to this list)


George Strait - MGM Grand, Las Vegas - Feb. 3, 2007 (I am not a big George Strait fan, but for my birthday weekend we saw George Strait (and the Super Bowl) in Vegas. I'm a giver.)
She Wants Revenge - Avalon, Hollywood - Feb. 7, 2007 (Mike is cursed when it comes to SWR shows. I believe we left this one before they started playing because the opening acts went on forever and he was so sick he couldn't stand.)
Incubus - Wiltern, LA - Feb. 11, 2007 (We left this one slightly early because I had whatever Mike had the week before. Wiltern is one of my favorite venues. And we usually ride the 720 bus to it. Makes us feel "hip" and "urban".)
Pete Yorn - Wiltern, LA - Feb. 16, 2007 (I heart Pete Yorn.)
James Taylor - Wilshire Theater, Beverly Hills - Feb. 21, 2007 (Simply amazing. He sat and told the stories behind many of his songs. If you like him at all, you should get
this CD/DVD combo from that tour. He is funnier than many working stand-up comedians. And he has led an interesting life. Honorable mention goes to The Troubadour (a venue mentioned a few times below) for being featured prominently in the telling of the story behind You've Got A Friend.)


Eric Clapton - Staples Center, LA - March 14, 2007 (And the tickets were free from Mike's work. His perks are sometimes amusing.)


Gospel Brunch - HOB Sunset Strip, West Hollywood - Easter - April 8, 2007 (Great way to celebrate Easter. Eat your own weight in cheese grits and biscuits and gravy and listen to some amazing Gospel acts.)
The Killers - Staples Center, LA - April 9, 2007 (Free tickets from LJ's work. It was also Dodgers' opening day and there was a lot of drama involving the finding of lost tickets, etc. But we saw the game and the show.)
Muse - The Forum, Inglewood - April 10, 2007 (I love Muse live - as evidenced by my list of a couple of days ago - but this was my least favorite of their live shows. Probably because it was a huge venue and I had 12-year-old boys dancing the robot to their songs next to me.)
Travis - The Music Box @ Henry Fonda Theater, Hollywood - April 29, 2007 (That I managed to see this show was incredible. This was the day that Mike and I returned from Utah after his
appendix-explosion incident. However I was exhausted and either Travis or the venue had some sound issues. The Music Box did not wow me.)




none (I actually think that we saw Anti-Flag at Wiltern in either May or June but it never made my calendar because it was a last-minute thing. Our friend is their manager and he called us when he got in town to let us know he'd be at the show. Best thing about that show was the Tom Morello played a punk version of This Land Is Your Land with them for the encore and we got to meet him backstage.)


Crowded House - Troubadour, West Hollywood - July 18, 2007 (One of my Top 5 concerts ever. Just wow. What living in LA is all about. Musically, that is. Small show, intimate venue, Neil Finn waxing nostalgic.)

Tom Morello/The Nightwatchman - Troubadour, West Hollywood - July 21, 2007
Snow Patrol - The Greek, Los Feliz - July 22, 2007


Squeeze - The Greek, Los Feliz - August 13, 2007 (The last time I saw Squeeze, I was in high school. Yikes.)
Wilco - The Greek, Los Feliz - August 29, 2007 (The vibe of Wilco is so perfect for a place like The Greek. I love Wilco under the stars.)


Calhoun - some dive bar that shall remain nameless (because they sucked at promoting my friends), Minneapolis - Sept. 13, 2007 (I love these guys and I've missed them horribly since I left Dallas. They gave me and Alice a private show. If you like alt-country (though their newer stuff is trending toward rock), check them out!)


She Wants Revenge - Troubadour, West Hollywood - Oct. 4, 2007 (Good venue for them and the Mike-SWR curse was finally broken.)


Aimee Mann - El Rey, LA - Nov. 30, 2007 (Fun Christmas show with special guests and goofy songs right down the street from my apartment.)


Almost Acoustic Christmas, Night 2 - Gibson Amphitheater @ Universal City - Dec. 9, 2007 (Feist, The Shins, Modest Mouse, special guest The Killers, Silversun Pickups, Jimmy Eat World, Muse. One of the hardest tickets every year in LA. Mike lucked into a couple - he had the Ticketmaster Mojo that day - and we had a wonderful evening.)

Not accounted for: We probably saw a show or two at Largo (I think David Garza and Colin Hay, at least) and another last minute show or two was probably left off the list. Oh, and I know I was dragged to Keith Urban (Staples) and to Sugarland (new Nokia Live venue across from Staples in downtown LA). Both of whom were remarkably good. Even to a non-country music fan.


10 lbs of awesome in a 5 lb bag said...

Man, do you see a lot of live music! That's great. (Timmy point - did you mean to use 2007 as the dates, not 2008?)

leila said...

Thank you! I need all the help I can get with this Blog Everyday thing! I was also reminded by Mike at dinner that we saw Flickerstick at The Viper Room (West Hollywood) sometime in the spring or summer. Our friend Tim from Calhoun is now their lead guitar player.