Tuesday, April 01, 2008

from the beginning

I've been on the fence about this month's NaBloPoMo topic which is "letters", but I'll go ahead and give it a whirl because (1) my hero, Miss Ericka of City Elf (see my links, side of page)*, seems to be planning to try it out and (2) I am, after all, signed up for a Typography class this quarter (starts tomorrow!). So today I give you the Letter A in the first font I ever learned (though it was a typeface and this was before I ever knew there was such thing as a "font"): Courier. How I loved typing things on my mom's typewriter back in the day. Well, loved it until I made a mistake and had to deal with that never-working-quite-right, can't-get-the-correction-paper-to-line-up-properly-with-the-typed-letters correction paper. And go ahead and raise your hand now if you ever hit so many keys at once that the keys all got stuck in a clump without any of them hitting the paper and you had to open the cover to the typewriter and push all the keys back down to their proper starting positions. Come on, I know I'm not the only one...

Courier, I salute you. You had the best way of stretching out the words on a line so that my papers took up the required number of pages much more easily than they would have in Times New Roman or (heaven forbid) Arial.

*This is how it works when I start a post at 11:30. I'm too lazy to even add the link to the post. Sigh.

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