Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sugar and spice and everything nice

Last night I attended a meetup for women pursuing careers in art/design fields that was put together by Grace of Design*Sponge (one of my favorite design sites). Her summary of the event is included on her site here. It was a great event and I was a bit overwhelmed that somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 women* showed up to talk about design businesses at my local Design Within Reach store (it is located about a half mile from my apartment). There were four break out sessions covering the following topics: (a) opening your own business (hosted by the owners of Reform School, a shop in Silverlake and website featuring art and clothing), (b) an artist's perspective on breaking in (hosted by a wonderful local furniture designer/artist), (c) PR and marketing for the small business owner (hosted by Grace), and (d) finance basics for women (hosted by a financial advisor from Smith Barney). Grace's presentation had great, practical advice for people trying to get publicity on their own and she has a download available on her website of all the basic points from her presentation. Really interesting stuff.

Yet another source of inspiration...

*The friend who was with me said that seeing that many women in one place made her a bit nervous, but oddly no spontaneous fights (of either the pillow- or cat- variety) broke out.

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