Thursday, April 24, 2008

this is not my beautiful house

I've been pretty introspective lately. Which makes sense, of course, since I am making a pretty big change in my life. I'm trying to be more introspective generally as well. Not in a navel gazing sort of way (though, really, what is wrong with gazing at your navel every now and then?), but in a more concrete action-plan sort of way.

I know that there are people out there who figure out the way that they want their life to go and then they plan accordingly. I've never really done that. I've spent my first couple of decades of adulthood sort of muddling along from one thing to the next. At least part of the reason for the muddling is that I'm impulsive by nature. If something sounds good to me at the time, I head that way without taking the time to figure out the consequences. While that is not necessarily the perfect way to approach things, it has actually worked out remarkably well for me. Sure, I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up, but I know at least one or two things that I don't want to be. And my law career more than paid for itself (in preparation for my "retirement" and on the advice of my financial advisor, who also happens to be my boyfriend, I sent the check to pay off my remaining law loans this week so I am a debt-free woman). Plus I met some interesting, fun people who happen to be lawyers. Who knew?

So here I am. I figured out in the last 5 years where I want to be geographically. I'm pretty sure that decision won't ever change again. Now I just need to figure out the ever-important question: What Do I Want To DO With My Life (did I just conjure up Twisted Sister to anyone besides myself? because I do, in fact, want to rock!). I know two things:

1. I can figure this out.
2. I can make whatever I figure out that I want to do happen. Someway, somehow.

So yes, I'm happy right now. And excited. Because something good is headed my way and I plan to be open to it when it rolls on by.


gbc said...

That is totally your beautiful life, though.

Alicia said...

You rock.