Wednesday, May 14, 2008

big time

A few days ago I was driving into Hollywood mid-afternoon and I found myself behind a black VW Beetle that was adorned with BioDiesel stickers all over the back.* As we headed up the hill, my BioDiesel buddy was pretty slow on the uptake at stoplights and generally just takings its sweet time. I started wondering to myself whether BioDiesel had taken all the spry away from the cute little Bug when I looked a bit closer and noticed that, oh my god, the driver is being videotaped while he's driving! He's giving some sort of interview. And driving. The videocamera wasn't a little home version, it was a full-on giant-fuzzy-mic-attached professional videocamera. I'm sure I was watching an interview for some unfunded biodiesel documentary that will be trying to work its way into the film festival lineups in 2009.

Just one reason I love LA.

*(This blog was supposed to include photographic evidence but it turns out that I'm not any good at taking pictures with my camera-phone while driving. Who would have guessed??)

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