Wednesday, October 22, 2008

better than tabasco in your eye

In case you are interested in such things, I am now a contributor on the Yo! Venice! blog.  Officially I'm supposed to be focusing on goings on within the Venice arts scene, but I can also write about other things -- I've kicked it off with a fascinating update on the status of a parking lot in my neighborhood*, because I'm exciting like that.  Anyway, yo, check it. 

And, uh, if you hear about anything arty or otherwise cool in Venice, shoot me a message about it.

*There actually is quite a controversy relating to the parking lot and there was an article about it in The New York Fucking Times (slow news day?) because some famous artist types with names like Ed Ruscha and Laddie John Dill would have their open air studios torn down under the initial plans for the lot (these guys closed in spaces behind their buildings on the public right-of-way many years ago to keep the local vagrant population that hangs there from bothering them while they were working; and no, adverse possession** doesn't seem like a claim that has much merit against the city, so they're working more of the public sympathy and desire to keep our famous artists in Venice angle).  I haven't heard whether some sort of accommodation was reached with the artists or not. Yes, it is still just an update on a parking lot. 

**Don't make me break out my bar prep mnemonic on this one. Don't make me remind you that I have passed three bar exams.  Don't make me think about the bar dues I'll be paying for at least the next year or so despite my hope not to have to practice again.  Just don't.

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