Monday, January 05, 2009

in the middle of chapter 3

My name is Leila and I like to read.  It took me maybe 5 years or so after finishing law school before I was ready to get back to reading for pleasure, but I've been doing more and more of that during the last couple of years.  

This year I intend to focus on reading more books that are thought of as "must reads".  I'm part of a group on Goodreads that discusses any and all of the books referred to in (both editions of) 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die.  My total percentage read from the list is rather abysmal, so I'd like to try to get through 2 per month on average from the list this year.  My current main read is Infinite Jest, which I am totally loving, but I thought I might try to get through some of the classics on the list by reading a chapter per day sent to me via e-mail.  So today I ordered Middlemarch (a favorite of my friend Alicia) and The Picture of Dorian Gray from one such e-mail service.  

Has anyone had success reading books this way?  Do you feel you absorbed as much reading this way as if you have the book in your hands?  I'll report back my findings from this little experiment later this year.

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ruth said...

While working a particularly horrible temp job, I read a couple of books on It wasn't too bad.