Wednesday, January 07, 2009

winter quarter rundown

I don't think that I've prattled on about the classes I'm taking this quarter yet.  This was the first week for two of my classes (the online one starts next week for some mysterious reason).  Here's the schedule:

Calligraphy (Monday nights)
Color Methodologies (Tuesday nights)
Design II (online)

This is the first quarter in almost a year that I haven't had a computer program on the schedule and I'm looking forward to the break.  They are all very valuable to know, but I'm appreciating working in traditional media more and more lately.  Calligraphy and Color will both be very traditional media heavy classes and I bought art supplies for those today.  I love buying art supplies.  My wallet is less enthused about the prospect, but it is so fun to get home with them and break things out to sample and play with.  


TMC said...

I'd love to learn calligraphy! Maybe I'll look into that. Thanks for reminding me!

I hope we'll get to see some of your progress scanned. :)

Sm. said...

Leila, I'm so glad I found your blog! I was called to the Bar last year and have been working in law(uninspired) since, all the while daydreaming about being a graphic designer since I started law school. Your blog is great motivation and inspiration for me to just stop daydreaming and start doing something I love.

All the best with art and design. I'll be reading along.

Leila said...

I'm glad you found me Sm. Looking forward to hearing about your inspirations and actions!