Tuesday, April 07, 2009

not much, how about you?

Since I'm overdue for a blog update, I figured maybe I'd treat my loyal following (hello? is this thing on?) to a brief list of What Is New With Me:
  • I booked a trip to France for early May!  I'll be meeting up with a girlfriend from Dallas there and we'll spend time in Lille and Paris.  She lived in Lille after college and I'm looking forward to seeing that city with her.  I'm also looking forward to seeing Paris as an adult.  It has been 20 years since my last trip there.
  • Spring quarter has started.  I've decided to finish up this certificate after summer quarter, so things are sort of wrapping up. I'm taking the final required course -- Design History and Context -- online and I have Package Design and Design Career Launchpad on campus. I'm excited about all the classes this quarter.  Should be a good one.
  • I started up a design blog.  Feel free to stop by and check it out.  I plan to continue updating this blog from time to time, but probably most of the art and design stuff I come across will be exclusively on the new blog. I think one of my classmates will be helping out with content over there and I'm excited to get it up and running! 


New Diarist said...


It sounds like you're almost through the retooling and getting ready to launch the new career. It must be very exciting for you.

I want you to know that you're something of an inspiration for me, and I admire your courage and your determination.


New Diarist

Leila said...

Aw, thanks! BTW, I can send you the iPhone stop sign picture if you send me an e-mail address. Just PM it to me if you still want the pic. :)

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