Thursday, March 15, 2007

32 in 48. Go!

I love March Madness. I love watching as many games as possible and I am a shameless sneak-off'er to watch games on Thursday and Friday. Today I cut out at lunchtime to "work from home". Georgetown was playing and Mike's mom and sister arrived in town, so someone needed to get home to let them in the house. Mike and I had previously agreed that we would buy the DirecTv package to get all the games and it worked out gloriously. Even better, both my teams (Georgetown and Indiana) won decisively.

Today was a good day.


bold said...

Could you arrange for Albany to pull off the upset today please? Thanks.


Leila said...

I would so love to see The Danes win one today. Looks like they're behind right now. They totally should have beaten UConn last year. If only they were prepared to play 40 minutes instead of only 35!