Friday, March 16, 2007

Name Dropping

Living in Los Angeles, there is a good chance that a person will run into random celebrities from time to time. So generally I don't feel the need to share my random celebrity sightings. There must be something remarkable or interesting about a particular sighting to make it worth reporting to the masses. I've decided that this one qualifies:

The scene: Friday afternoon, March 9, 2007, 3rd Street, LA (several blocks from my home)

I was walking to a bar around 4:30 to meet Mike and LJ for some college basketball-watching. Several paces in front of me, a cute, young black man was walking in some trendy tight jeans and a tight white tee shirt. I'd guess he was between 18 and 21.

A black stretch limo pulls up next to the guy, the window rolls down and the occupant of the limo yells something at him. Mr. Tight-Clothes turns around, walks over to listen and then says "no, thanks" and continues walking. By this point, I've caught up with the limo, so I look to my left and I see... I kid you not... wait for it... Little. Freaking. Richard. In full makeup and hair. In all of his Little Richard glory.

Now, I'm not saying that The Richard was on the prowl or that he propositioned this young man in any way. Perhaps he was trying to find a home for a puppy that he found in the street. Or maybe he was selling concert tickets. I just don't know. So go ahead and get your mind out of the gutter already.

All I know for sure is that Vince Vaughn HAS to be at least a little bit pissed off about being replaced as my #1 celebrity sighting story of all time. Work a bit harder at it next time, Vince.

Little Freaking Richard in my 'hood! Talking to my peeps! Or, uh, whatever.

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