Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Are You Ready For Some Football?

I've had a bit of a strange day today. There are two pieces of news that I received, both of which are intriguing and surprising. So while I'm still digesting the news and I thought I would share.

1. Fantasy Football -

I'm in an all-female fantasy football league (NFL). I'm sort of the last addition to it. I started doing it last year as a substitute for a woman who was thrown out of the league because she didn't take it seriously enough (they are pretty hard core). My friend at work nominated me for the slot and it is a group of people that she knows from law school and from living in NY. They've been doing an all-female league for about six years. The commissioner is very into sports and has transitioned from big firm lawyer to an in-house job (I'm not sure whether she acts as a lawyer, or what her exact capacity is) with, I believe, ABC.*

Earlier this week she was at ESPN's headquarters and she was talking to someone in charge of fantasy coverage there. His idea was to feature an all-female league on their website, with updates and stories posted throughout the season and the ability of website viewers to follow along with the games and league standings. Well, maybe you can see where this is heading. Yes, he heard about our (her) little league and went through the roof. So we're being asked for bios and they'll be putting up pictures and bios on for public access, assuming this all goes through. Presumably you'll all be able to follow along with all my bad trades and poor draft selections if you so desire.** Fun! I'll provide updates when I have more information.

2. Work -

My boss is relocating to NY. There have been rumors for some time. He spends a lot of time traveling there (and to other offices) because he is one of the firm-wide practice group leaders. So there isn't likely to be much of a change from that standpoint, but it will probably increase my business development/marketing burden out here because he wants me and one of my co-workers to be in charge of maintenance for most of the clients out here. It also will likely result in an increased number of work trips for me because he wants me to get to know the people in NY. It is interesting timing for me, because I am up for partner this year. This change might actually help those chances.

I'd write more but, well, it's work and I don't have a lot more to say.

*She works for whatever network had the Rose Bowl last year, because she came to LA for that and took out the broadcasting crew (including Doug Flutie) to a bar to watch football with us. I'm guessing that was ABC because of the ESPN connection I mention above, but feel free to correct me.

**Did I mention that I finished in the basement last year? Last place. It was not fun. I made the "mistake" of getting matched up against whoever planned to score the most points in the league each week. So I lost even a few times when I was second, third or fourth for point totals in the league. Yes, I'm whining now. This is my year to shine! Maybe I'll even draft a running back that isn't sharing duties with someone else this year (damn you, Reggie Bush!).


10 lbs of awesome in a 5 lb bag said...

See, when you live in LA, you are guaranteed to become famous at some point. Too bad that the league is closed at this point; my wife does pretty well at fantasy football. Sadly for her, I don't care that much about it.

The job deal sounds like quite an opportunity. How could they turn down someone who will be managing the client base in your office?

Transplanted Lawyer said...

Good luck; I'll be thinking about my team very soon, too. It's looking difficult indeed to find a running back who isn't platooned with someone else.