Friday, August 03, 2007

On Blogging and (Other) Creative Pursuits

How many people blog and also keep a separate journal? It seems to me that in some ways they serve different purposes, though many people treat their blog as a journal. Generally I think that I try to produce a more finished product here than I would in a journal. I pick my words more carefully and think about themes and cohesiveness (this isn't always self-evident, is it?). I've been wanting to exercise my more creative side lately and I picked up a book yesterday that has me thinking more about taking time to put on paper more unfinished product. The book is about visual journals (or journals that include visual elements, at least) and theorizes that journals serve one (or more) of four principal purposes:


I've designated my new journal, which I'm doing my best to carry around with me and actually USE. Let's see if this project gets any creative juices flowing. Note: if I were really all about editing myself here, I would totally change that last sentence. "Creative juices flowing" does nothing for me. How cliched.

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'stina said...

I have my blog, which originally was a communication method but turned into a blog; a separate private journal that's on line, and a paper journal that I've been keeping in various blank books since I was about 16 years old.

Each serves a different function, and I sort of like having the different formats depending on my mood and what I want to say and to whom.

Should anyone ever want to publish my memoirs, they'll have a lot of editing to do.