Thursday, November 01, 2007

somebody has to lose

I may have mentioned this before, but I am very excited about my trip this weekend - I'll be at the RCA Dome watching this game Sunday afternoon. This trip has been planned for some time, because Mike and I decided to pick a game to go to in Indy this year and this one sounded the best to us even during pre-season. We'll be using seats provided to us by his employer, because they are pretty hooked up in Indianapolis, and we'll be catching up with my aunt and uncle, who are Colts season ticket holders. I'm a big Peyton fan, despite his overexposure in commercials this year, and I have some fantasy stakes in the game as well (Randy Moss, Dallas Clark, Bob Sanders and Marvin Harrison if he plays). Should be a good game. Even if it is a blowout either way, which I sort of doubt because they both have such effective offenses, it will be fun to be at The Game Of The Year. At least until the playoffs.

Only question that I have at this point is whether I should buy an Indy shirt while I'm there or just wear my (Eli) Manning jersey...

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