Wednesday, February 27, 2008

designing hope, progress and change

Last month, The Boston Globe printed an article that got a lot of attention in the design world. It was about the use of fonts, typefaces and design elements by the various presidential campaigns. The author of the article gave clear wins to the Obama and McCain camps, respectively. So well done to the design firms that developed those materials.

However Obama seems to be winning on an entirely different design front as well. If you take a look and the viral videos and artwork that has not been commissioned by the candidates, it probably would not surprise you to learn that Obama is getting more (and better) free press from creative types than any other candidate. Or at least that is what this blog tells me. I'll admit it: I forwarded Will.I.Am's video on to my facebook friends when it hit a few weeks ago.

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City Elf said...

it's possible the arty types prefer poetry to prose. i can hardly blame them.