Tuesday, March 11, 2008

my internet girl

Today I give you a list inspired by MySpace. Because I have the mentality of a 15-year-old girl.* Here is my list of people I have reconnected with because of MySpace:
  • middle school best friend - She isn't on anymore, but we both joined up around the same time and we hadn't been in touch for a year or two before finding each other there.
  • sophomore year cheerleading friend - I hadn't spoken to her in approximately 20 years. Apparently she was mortified because her mom yelled at us once when we were getting a ride home from practice from her. I have no recollection. I guess I had a knack for tuning out other people's yelling parents too.
  • several cousins - Most recently I reconnected this week with a cousin who came out of the closet in his early twenties and walked away from his family for quite a while shortly thereafter (um, rural Indiana is not a bastion of gay acceptance, it turns out). The last time I saw him, I was 22 and he was 18 and we took a road trip (with his twin brother along too) across the country in my red 240SX. I am not in as close of touch with my dad's family (and the multitude of cousins I have on that side of the family) as I could be. So the internet is actually helpful to me in finding out what those folks are up to.
  • Mike's ex-wife - She looked me up on MySpace and sent me an e-mail. Now we correspond just about weekly.
  • multiple friends from Dallas - I don't get back there to visit as often as I would like, so it is nice to keep up to date on their parties and goings on.
  • my bestest friends Zach Braff and Aimee Mann

My sister joined Facebook recently. I guess this is how I'll be keeping up with all of my friends and family at some point...

*Is MySpace even popular with the 15-year-old girls anymore or have they moved on?

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