Sunday, March 16, 2008

wake me up before you go go

Things that are screwed up about the NCAA bracket selection and directly affect the happiness of my household today:
  • Wisconsin was flat-out screwed by the committee.  There is no way around it.  They won the Big Ten regular season, they won the Big Ten Tournament and they got a lower seed than Duke*, which lost 2 games in the last week, came in second in the ACC regular season and lost in the semifinals of the ACC tournament to unranked Clemson.  Duke did beat Wisconsin early in the season, but then Wisconsin beat Texas (a 2 seed) and only lost to ranked teams, ending the season with a 29-4 record.  Wisconsin's four losses were to Purdue (twice), Duke and Marquette.  Duke's record was 27-5, with losses to unranked Clemson, Wake Forest and Miami.  Total bullshit.
  • Because of the shenanigans mentioned above, the selection committee in its infinite wisdom put Wisconsin and Georgetown in the same half bracket.  If they both win their first two games, Mike's team will be playing against my team in the Sweet 16.  They should both be 2 seeds, with the possibility (remote as it may be) that they could meet in the Final 4.  Instead, one of our teams is guaranteed to be out before the Elite 8.  
  • Indiana ended up with an 8 seed.  In a continuation of the total lack of respect for the Big Ten, and because Wisconsin got a 3, all the other Big Ten teams fell to a lower seed than they should have had.  Indiana did not end the season strong, but they were top 25 before the tournaments and they should have gotten a 6 or at worst a 7.

*I'll even go so far as to say that Wisconsin deserved a 2 seed more than Georgetown did.  I mean, the Hoyas did win the Big East regular season, but they lost the finals of the Big East tournament to Pitt.  Wisconsin won both.  The Coach's poll that came out today puts Wisconsin at #5, Georgetown at #8 and Duke at #9.  That sounds about right.

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