Monday, March 17, 2008

she cried more, more, more

My list today is once again Etsy-related. I received the Paper Moon Designs necklaces that I mentioned in this blog last week and they are excellent. So wonderful that I simply had to tell a friend about the site, and once again I was sucked in to Etsy shopping mode. So here is the list of items I purchased today:

Leila -Just Another Day flipbook from Green Chair Press's Etsy store. It is a flip book filled with pictures of the store owner's black cat, Leila. Of course irresistible to this Leila who owns a black cat. It almost seems like a conspiracy to part me from my hard-earned $7.41. By the way, Green Chair Press has some super cute typography prints. I had to hold my hands over my eyes and shout LALALALALA until I finished my checkout in order to avoid some of the 8x10 prints on the site.

Greetings From California Gocco print (approximately 4x6) from Michelle Moode's Millions of People Happy shop. Inspired by the poppies of the Antelope Valley (used as the setting for the poppy fields in The Wizard of Oz) and utilizing such things as tea stains for coloring, I think this print will be wonderful for my someday-to-come design nook in the not-yet-found new apartment. So yeah, I should have waited a little while longer to start designing the space. I'm not known for my patience.

Sure, I'd feel worse about my growing Etsy obsession if I'd purchased anything so far that cost more than $15. But someone should monitor my consumption here, because this really could get out of control.

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Just to say, Happy St Patrick's Day.

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