Tuesday, April 08, 2008

sign design

Dear Los Angeles Times,

Thank you for writing an article about the graphic artist who created the running family sign and for finally clearing up for me why there is such a sign by Camp Pendleton on the drive between Los Angeles and San Diego (the answer has to do with a checkpoint for cargo vehicles). The first time I saw the sign, I was very surprised since it is probably 60 miles from the border. It definitely captures a person's attention when he/she sees it for the first time, so I'd say that Mr. Hood did his job effectively. The pigtails were a nice touch. Interesting to learn that both sides of the immigration debate have latched onto the symbolism.




Alicia said...

Has Taco Bell tried to co-opt that sign for their latest campaign?

leila said...

Hmm. I have not seen that. Did they photoshop a cheesy gourdita crunch into the pigtailed girl's hand???