Thursday, April 10, 2008

so, um, yeah

Dear NaBloPoMo,

I'm just not that into this whole "letters" theme for April, and I guess it shows. I even pulled up my blog to create a quick post before class last night but found I had nothing really to say so I figured I would wait until after class to post. Well, you see how that went. Probably two months of posting Every. Single. Day. was overly ambitious in the first place. But it was fun while it lasted, right?

I'm not saying we can't be friends, I'm just saying I need some space.



gbc said...

I liked the letter thing, so I'm vaguely sad about this needing space. OTOH, I don't blog to speak of, so I can't really complain. Or shouldn't really complain.

City Elf said...

it is harder than i thought it would be. perhaps i'll throw up some more pictures to get me through the days of sparse ideas. ;)

how's next weekend for a celebratory brunch?