Tuesday, May 27, 2008

banging on my drum all day

Friday was my last day of work. I am a free woman. I'm pretty sure that today I was supposed to sit in my underwear all day eating bon bons and watching bad daytime tv. Thing is, I need a bit of time to catch up first. Before I can enjoy my freedom.

I spent the day doing Photoshop and Typography homework. I have two Photoshop assignments due tomorrow and one new Typography assignment, along with a redo of a prior Typography assignment. Also I needed to finally get my official version of the Adobe programs installed (and the prior versions uninstalled) on my Mac.

I'm enjoying the classes and I'm learning a lot. I'm just ready to be caught up already.

In other news, we are signing the new lease tomorrow evening (so I'll need to go to the bank for a cashier's check, in addition to spending some quality time at Kinko's printing out Typography homework, sometime tomorrow afternoon). And we're taking a trip to Dallas this weekend. By my calculations, I may have a minute to relax next Thursday.

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City Elf said...

woohoo! even despite you having stuff to do before you can hang in your undies and eat chocolate, i am so happy for you! congrats. :)