Monday, June 23, 2008

fitter happier more productive

I've spent the last couple of weeks thinking about one of my favorite Radiohead lyrics and doing my best to typographically bring it to life.  Then today I stumbled upon a website that took it a whole other direction for me.  If you enjoy visual representations of type, I strongly suggest you run (don't walk) over to Wordle and start generating pictures from your favorite song lyrics, poems, quotes, etc.

Wordle's version is above and below are my interpretations of Fitter Happier:




Tamelasr said...

Thank you for this wordle site. I'm glad I ran into you on goodreads. ;-D

New Diarist said...

This site is really cool. I tried to do one from one of my blog posts:

Then I tried to post it, but it ididn't work. How is retirement suiting you?