Wednesday, July 02, 2008

meet me at third and fairfax had this cute little illustration up today and at first I was a bit alarmed because I am currently (one block) EAST of Fairfax (Avenue, Los Angeles) and I am about to move (several miles) WEST of Fairfax.  Doomed to a life of SUCK, it would seem.  

Until I remembered that I have lived in the vicinity of a Fairfax before.  As in Fairfax, Virginia.  In fact I have lived WEST of that particular Fairfax (by Dulles airport) and EAST of Fairfax (Falls Church) and I can confirm that the map is more or less on point with its biting analysis of NoVa suckage.  Well, not that Falls Church is all that cool, really, but it blows the doors off all points WEST of Fairfax.  

But then I thought -- wait just a minute -- I currently live WEST of Fairfax, Virginia and where I live now doesn't seem so SUCK to me.  Where does this map leave off?  Am I moving even further into the WEST of Fairfax, Virginia SUCK??  And where do these WEST and EAST directionals meet up anyway?  I need some sort of legend here.  Who makes a map without a legend, anyway?  And, wait, is the earth really flat????  And then I realized I really should go to bed.

Mind.  Blown.

[Uh, I probably should add, in the interest of full disclosure or whatever, and despite the damage it will do to the credibility of the above blog entry (to the extent it ever had any credibility), that the illustration is from the Popkiller website, which appears to be a trendy LA hipster clothing store.  So, yes, I am clearly moving from COOL (barely) to SUCK (totally).]

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