Monday, September 08, 2008

one and oh

Football season is upon us once again.  I had quite a nice week one.  The Giants opened up the season on Thursday night with a win over the Skins.  Not a particularly exciting game to watch, and I hope Coughlin didn't actually shut down the offense to start the second half (as it appeared) because he does tend to annoy a bit with his overly conservative play.

The play that was not at all conservative this week was the play of my fantasy team.  I ended up topping out the league points-wise thanks to the amazing play of one Michael Turner, new starting running back for Atlanta.  I picked up Turner in the 3rd round of the draft as my number 2 running back (I also have Marion Barber).  Turner has been on my radar since my first year playing fantasy ball, when I was in dire need of a RB and picked him up off waivers.  He was just the back-up to LT but he showed a ton of potential and I've been waiting for him to get a starting job.  I was not disappointed.

Favre got a win for the Jets and Rodgers got a win for the Pack, so Mike was happy on both counts.  I have a vested interest in Favre this year (though I can do with less commentary about him on all the pre-games and sports websites) because he is fighting it out with Eli for the starting job on my fantasy team.  With Coughlin's play-calling, Favre may be safe in the starting job until his Bye.

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