Monday, September 15, 2008

tick tock tick (do do do-do)

Today is the last day of summer quarter for me.  That means that I'm about a third of the way (or slightly more) through the certificate program at UCLA Extension.  This quarter has been a bit of a struggle for me.  Part of it was that I moved halfway through the quarter so I felt generally disorganized for much of the quarter.  Part of it was that I took a 10 day vacation with only two weeks left in the quarter to get final projects done upon my return. Anyway, I'm relieved to have this one done.  Hopefully next quarter will be a bit easier for me.  My schedule for next quarter is again a bit heavy on the computer programs classes (necessary, but not all that fun).  Here it is:

Flash I (Wednesday nights)
Drawing For Communication (Thursday nights)
InDesign (online)

I've been looking forward to the drawing class for some time and even refused to take some mandatory history class that (apparently) is offered only once per year -- uh, hopefully they fix that this year -- because I was so excited for drawing.  I think it will be really helpful to have another chance to focus on drawing, as that is what got this whole process rolling a year or so ago.

After today, I'll have the rest of the week off before jumping into classes next week.  I plan to spend a lot of time riding my bike along the beach and practicing yoga at my new favorite yoga studio.

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