Monday, November 03, 2008


I can't believe that election day is finally here.  I've been ready to have the election over already for the last couple of weeks.  Not in small part because of the constant barrage of California proposition ads that have dominated the airwaves on all fronts for the last two months.  I think I'm clear on how I'm planning to vote on all propositions and I have my LA Times guide handy just in case (not that I'm voting completely in line with the Times, but if there is one I don't feel strongly about, I'm willing to go with the Times, I think).

I'm unhappy that I have class tomorrow night and we are handing a big project in, so I can't really skip to watch election coverage.  I'm generally that dork who sits in front of the tv all night on election night, waiting to hear the constant stream of updates and projections.  Tomorrow I'd sort of like to go out to watch results in my neighborhood, but I'm not sure whether I'll feel up to it after class.  We shall see.

Yes on Obama! 
No on 8, no on 4!

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