Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I finally finished my "animal" collage project which is due today.  It has kept me very busy for the last two weeks.  This project is a 3D collage.  I decided to create a giraffe using all wooden elements -- a take on the whittled giraffes that are available at markets throughout the Caribbean and (I'm sure) in other destinations.  We had one in my household growing up that I loved.  My elements were pencils, cork, whittling wood and lots and lots of wood glue.  I'm glad to be done with it, though I'm not 100% satisfied with the results.  It looks a bit like a cross between a giraffe and one of those Star Wars ships that walked on giant legs.  Maybe I'll put a picture up shortly.

Also, I'm starting on a 2009 calendar project.  I decided that I want to put up a wall calendar that shows all the months on my little magnetic board in my office area.  Instead of buying one that I like, I've decided to make it.  I started out messing around on Ilustrator, but I'm considering drawing it by hand instead (actually I started a colored pencil drawing today).

Oh, yeah, also it is election day.  I voted late morning and now I'm counting down until East Coast results start coming in -- hoping that at least a few early states will come in before I have to head to class at 7.  And, yeah, I'm really hoping that my night class lets out early so that I can glue myself to a tv somewhere to watch the full results.  Not sure I'll be able to get to bed before hearing Prop 8 results.  I sure hope it isn't even close to passing.

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