Friday, November 07, 2008

knowing the things we cannot change

Today is a bit of a return to normalcy for me.   My friend Gretchen is in a coma and it is unlikely that her condition will change in the next couple of days.  I hold on to hope that she will get better.  Maybe some of it is irrational because I've been fortunate enough to have friends come through worse (though the hard thing about head injuries is that each person's recovery is so unpredictable).  Maybe some of it is because I am a glass half full person.  And definitely some of it is because I know that my friend is young and strong and healthy.  If I hadn't realized her strength before, spending the last day with her mom would have reinforced that for me.

So today I will spend a couple hours in the hospital and then I will come home and spend some time with my wonderful boyfriend before heading out to appreciate the company of some amazing friends.  It never ceases to surprise me how times of struggle can remind me how incredibly good my life is.  I don't want to ever take that for granted.


City Elf said...

i'm sorry about gretchen. i'll keep praying for her recovery.

thinking of you!

Not Jackson said...

You know, I've never actually met her, but I have "known" her for 8 years or so and am quite fond of her.

Despite the lack of real world interaction, I consider her a close friend. But I regret that we don't talk as much as we used to. Before my (now former) firm cut off Yahoo Messenger, we used to IM each other quite a bit. Uh, that would mean we chatted about 8 hours a day. She would ask me ( and, to be fair, a whole cast of characters) what she should have for lunch. She never took my suggestions, alas. And I kept telling her that if my wife ever figured out how much time I spent at that lawyer chat board thingy, I would have to live on her couch.

I miss those chats. Fucking IT Nazis.