Monday, November 10, 2008

so yeah

The NaBloPoMo thing didn't really work out so well.  Actually the reason I didn't post on Saturday was because I was SURE that I already had done so.  I guess the days are running together a bit.  

Tomorrow is Mike's birthday and other than organizing outings with friends, I haven't really done or gotten anything for him yet.  Guess I need to walk down the street and see if I can't find him some fun casual clothes or something.  Odd tidbit about Mike:  he cannot buy himself tee shirts or other casual clothes without much handwringing and concern.  He's fine shopping for work clothes and even his casual evening clothes (if you consider buying one's self 10 black button down shirts that all look generally the same "fine").  He just can't get the casual daytime wardrobe pinned down.  I, of course, am the opposite.  I find jeans, tees and flip flops all day long and rarely find a "nice" item that I like.

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