Saturday, January 03, 2009

change I can believe in

One big change in my household last year was that we moved to a little loft-style apartment by the beach.  While for the most part that move was a good idea totally fucking amazing, one tidbit that I've failed to discuss is that we downsized from each having our own giant walk-in closet to sharing one, average-sized wall closet.  For all of our clothes.  The result is not pretty.  So we've been in the market for a wardrobe of sorts, but I have had absolutely no desire to spend money on one.

Today we went to Ikea (an expedition!) and checked out their cheap wardrobes in person because I just don't trust buying furniture off the internet without inspecting it in person first.  And I think we agreed on a clothing-storage system that will alleviate our closet-space shortage!  May I introduce you to the Odda large and small wardrobes that will soon take up residence in a corner of our bedroom.  I'm wondering whether purchasing particle-board furniture will make me feel like I'm a 20-something kid again.  Maybe a lava lamp would look good on top of the wardrobe??

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