Friday, January 02, 2009

little things mean a lot

I haven't made any large resolutions (though I have been working on the diet and exercise thing for the last month or so, that is always an ongoing project), but I do have a small goal for 2009.  I bought a cute 2009 day planner from Sarah Pinto that contains a To Do section for each day.  My goal is to write down and accomplish at least one thing per day.  It can be a small thing, like taking a yoga class or walking on the beach or reading 20 pages of my current book or accomplishing a task for one of my classes or grocery shopping.  Or even, dare I say it, posting a blog entry.  I just think that I need to do more goal setting (and achieving) to keep the self-esteem up during my period of retreat from the wage-earning world.  I'm optimistic that this little project will get me moving a bit more and keep the spirits up.

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