Thursday, February 07, 2008

good design, bad design

For my design class, we had a project called "Good Design, Bad Design" where we had to find examples of both and bring them in. The Bad Design part would have been much easier for me if I had just stopped by Gucci's website, from the look of things. Mediabistro's Unbeige blog tells me that this is a limited edition bag issued in celebration of the opening of the biggestest bestestest Gucci store ever, right in the heart of NYC (natch):

The good news: all proceeds from the bags, which go on sale tomorrow, will benefit the Central Park Conservancy. The bad news: the bags look to have been designed by committee, combining Gucci's old-school script logo (one of a handful of logos the brand has been switching among lately) and the house's signature GG-monogrammed canvas with a nod to Milton Glaser's I [heart] NY design. Topping it off is a blue-red-blue racer stripe that evokes Goyard and Dior more than Gucci, with its green-red-green signature that derived from the company's distinctive saddlery webbing.

They are right, now that they mention it, it does appear to be designed by committee, but I would have just gone with: "God damn! That's one ugly bag!"


City Elf said...

i see if i had read your first post more carefully, i wouldn't have posted that first question on your other post. is the class going? are you enjoying yourself?

leila said...

It is going pretty well, actually. I'm presenting a logo project tomorrow night. One of our 2 bigger assignments this quarter. Just about time to figure out what I want to take next quarter. I'm going to take one computer course (either Photoshop or Illustrator, most likely) and maybe one other course. Learning is fun!